Guys: If She Gives You These 7 Signals, Then She Truly Loves You

Women are very complicated when it comes to relationship issues and that is why it is hard a times to really figure out what there want in a relationship. So many men are really confused and have been asking the question of “how do I know she truly loves me?” Well, this question is complicated to answer and that is why have summarized the 7 things most girls will always do if there are in love with you.

A typical Nigeria girl a times will not directly tell you ‘I love you’, there will use phrases like ‘ode’, ‘big head’, ‘you just forgot about me’.’I miss you’ and many others. There will drop all these phrases expecting the guy to decode.

But guys, no problem as I am here to help you decode some of those stuff. Below are 6 signals any girl who loves you will give to you.

1. Smile when she is around you

Women are very emotional and don’t know how to hide their emotions like the men so there tend to pour out their mind easily. When any girl loves you, she will find it hard to frown her face or keep it calm any time you are around her. She will always smile every time you are around. If you notice this with any girl that has been stalking you, then she is truly into you.

2. She will try her best for you to notice her

A lady who is into you will always seek your attention. She will try and do something so that you will notice her. If both of you are in an occasion, she can walk past you 10 just for you to decode. Even on social media, she will always react to all the pictures you post. She will always tag you in any post she makes. If you discover this with any lady, then she is giving you a signal already.

3. She gets jealous and feel sad when another lady hangs around you

It hurts to see someone you love giving his or her attention to another person but this mostly affects ladies especially if there love the guy with all their heart. Any girl who truly loves you will always feel insecure even if a close friend who is a girl come around you. She will start asking you questions like ‘who is she’, ‘what is she doing with you’,’ what does she want’? And many more.

4. She wants to know more about your relationship status

If a girl truly loves a guy, she will want to know if that guy is engaged or not. She will even want to know about your past relationship and many other things. Guys, if you discover any lady asking you lot of questions towards this area, then she has an eye for you. Most of them will even use phrase like’ you want your girlfriend to come and break my head’ to indirectly ask you if you have any.

5. She laughs at your jokes even if there are not funny

Yes, any lady who loves you will feel happy to be around you hence whatever you say whether funny or not will sound funny to her. If she has romantic feelings for you, she will laugh at any joke you crack because she is happy listening to you. If any girl does this around you, then there is more.

6. She guides her hair backwards and very conscious of her appearance in your presence 

Guiding of hair backwards is an unconscious act most ladies engage in when there are in love with a guy. It is psychological but most guys don’t know this. She will always check how she looks and be nervous when you are around her. If you are around any lady and she continuously does this many times, then she is interested in you.

7. She behaves well in your presence

Any girl who loves you will be at her best when you are around. She will behave well, try and look good and be at her best in your presence. Remember first impression matters, so she will try to have one.


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