Guys, See The 5 Kinds Of Women You Should Never Make The Mistake Of Marrying.

Most times, many men make life long mistakes because of the physical looks of a woman and at the end of the day, they live to regret it.

In this article, I will guide you through and make you see reasons why you should never marry a certain kind of lady or woman just because she is looking dazzling in her physical looks.

I am not saying you should not marry a woman who’s physical looks makes you happy but don’t do that at your own peril.

What you should look out for in a woman is the beauty of her heart because when love fails, character then takes charge and keep the marriage or union going.

So, if and when you decide to marry any woman, do not marry the following kinds of women for your own safety.

1.  Guys, never you make the mistake of marrying a woman who is always eager to fight you violently.

If she is not capable of dialogue and working things out with you, but likes to handle you like both of you are wrestlers fighting for honour, kindly stay away from her because she can kill you some day.

  1. Secondly, if she is the kind of woman that will never stop squandering your money on parties, night clubs and frivolous things, Instead of helping you build a family, kindly stay away from her because she will run you dry and down.

Such women only come to lavish your wealth and not to love you genuinely.

  1. Also, if she is the kind of woman that prefer to smoke her self to ashes even when she know that it is wrong for her health, and whenever you give her money for her upkeep, she would use it all on hard drugs, please, stay away from her because she might kill you someday under the influence of drugs.

If you try to help her quit that lifestyle and she refuse, run for your life.

  1. Furthermore, if a woman you want to marry always try to make you hate other people and love only her, she is not a good role model to her future kids and she might make you and the rest of the world to be enemies with one another.

Your woman should always advise you to help people and not to hate people.

  1. Finally, if she is the kind of woman that is always of the opinion that you should not help anyone other than her, kindly run for your life because such woman will end up bringing you only bad luck in your life.

Women should help you bless others because they are mothers and should be a sign of blessings.

Avoid these kinds of women if you want to live long and prosper in this life.

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