Guys, See 7 Reasons Why Girls Might Refuse To Date You

We all want to be with the live of our lives one day. We want to be in a relationship with someone who would love you back in return.

You must have observed that there are times when this doesn’t work out like that. There are times when you are turned down by a girl who you never thought could say NO to being in a relationship with you.

However, it is key to note that all these happen for a reason. There are some things that would make a girl say NO when you propose to her. 7 Reasons Why Girls Might Refuse To Date You are

  1. If you are Poor and lazy, no girl wants to suffer in a relationship. So you have to be very hardworking if you want a girl to fall in love with you.

  2. If you are always looking dirty and unkempt, a lady won’t want to be in a relationship with you. Be neat and clean at all times.

  3. If you are the abusive type who doesn’t care whether he is in the public or not, he just abuses a girl the way he wants, then girls won’t want to fall in live with you.

  4. Some guys are rich but they are very stingy. To get a girl, you have to spend. Spend your money on girls and you will see the results later.

  5. Also, no lady will want to be in a relationship with a guy who beats ladies. You have to know how to control your anger if you truly need a

  6. If your source of income is unknown to the public, then you might have problem in finding a lady to date you.

  7. If you belong to a secret cult, then there is a high chance that girls won’t want to date you.


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