Guys Stop Asking Girls “How Was Your Night”, Say This instead Yo Avoid Embarrassment.




Guys always have the desire to appear cool and leave the right impression when they meet new people especially girls. Often times, I have heard guys ask girls how their night went as a form of politeness after greeting, and most times, the result is usually a dry “fine” which the girl manages to utter and nothing else. This can be really awkward if you’re hoping that it might lead to a sort of conversation.

For guys that want to leave a good impression on a girl, the questions you ask can make or ruin a conversation if you don’t ask the right one. One of these commonly asked questions is “How was your night”?

The truth about that question is, when you ask a girl how her night went, what you actually meant was: ” Hope you slept well”. This question is usually asked when you’re trying to show your caring side by asking a person who is new to an environment and probably spending their first night there if they were able to get a good night’s sleep in a friendly manner.





So what is wrong with “How was your night”? Or why is it not advisable to use it too often? The real meaning is that the question when asked is literally pointing to what the person did over the night or how she spent the night, which shouldn’t be asked outrightly except something leads to it through a conversation which she might willingly tell you.

Take for example, if you ask a married woman or a girl in a relationship how her night went, what you want to know is how she spent the night with her husband or boyfriend which in a sense, is breach of privacy. Even an average girl these days spend their nights doing different kind of stuff which they wouldn’t want to talk about.

So, the correct question if you really want to ask ( though It’s not often important in most cases), is “Hope you slept well”? Or you could simply say “How are you today” and move on to the next thing. Don’t ask a girl how her night went.

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