Guys, Here Are Three Things That Keep Your Woman Attracted To You (Opinion)

If you want a woman you love to get attracted to you, you have to do things that will make her come close to you. You don’t force a relationship on someone because you love that person. Love is natural, forcing someone to love you will only cause you or your partner pains and heartbreak. If you open your heart and the person who you truly love comes close to you, you shouldn’t take her for granted. Always respect her and do things that will make her happy, doing such things will make her love you more than you ever expected.

Women are special, they need love, care, and happiness. If you are a man who wants to enjoy his relationship or marriage, learn not to be strict with your woman. Try to understand her and make sure you always serve as her comforter when she is having a hard time. If you are having a serious misunderstanding with your woman, maybe because she doesn’t listen to you or she is behaving in a way that is not normal then this article is for you.

Don’t go on fighting or quarreling with her, doing that will only worsen the situation there are thing you should do to calm her down, learn to understand the cause of the problems may be because you don’t treat her as your woman or she is lacking the emotional things she is meant to get from you. Maybe you need to adjust your lifestyle and spice up the relationship. There are techniques you need to try to make her come closer to you and love you more as her man. I call this “The 3 P’s every man should possess in a relationship.”

If you are in a serious relationship, marriage or you are aspiring to have a relationship with someone special to you. There are three special relationship techniques, you need to emulate to keep your woman, and also make her love you the more. If you are a lady reading this piece, these are also things you should look out for in a man.

#1. Protect

Having a sense of belonging is very important in a relationship. It makes your woman know that you can fight for her and speak for her in whatever situation she found herself in. Most women are soft in heart and need a man who can defend them in time of need. When a man loves a woman, everything about her becomes his priority. So, whatever harm that comes to her, you should always be ready to protect her.

If you are having a misunderstanding with your wife because you don’t support or speak for her when needed, my dear you better stop. It is your responsibility to protect and shield 🛡️ her against intimidation from other people. This does not mean you should physically fight or cause harm to people because you want to defend your woman. If your wife is been intimidated by someone, the best thing to do is to call the person to order, make the person know that your woman deserves to be respected and treated nicely. Next time the person will stay away from her. But if you notice your woman is at fault, plead on her behave and call her to order. When you guys get home let her understand that she has done wrong, tell her the consequences of her actions so that next time she will not engage in such activity.

Doing such will make her love you and always get attracted to you. Protection doesn’t end here. There are other ways to protect your woman that keeps her attracted to you. You can help perform tasks that you may think are dangerous for her. For instance, you can walk her home late at night, instead of allowing her to go to a place she might get raped you can go on her behave. If she is not at home or coming late from work, you should endeavor to call her and ask her where she is at that moment or go pick her up, if can find a way back home. Whoever wants to harm her or cause her pain, should have you to contend with because it’s your responsibility to protect your woman.

#2. Provide

Another responsibility a man has to fulfill to his family, wife, and girlfriend is the role of provider. You should be able to provide for your woman no matter what. Some men make the mistake of neglecting their wives, sometimes they go as far as leaving their wives to take care of the children’s feed and school fees. My dear, it is the responsibility of every man to take care of his wife and children. Remember that women need a lot to take care of themselves, her needs may be money to change her wardrobe, buy a pad for her monthly flow, make hair, and buy things that she needs to eat when hungry. Even if your wife is a working-class lady don’t leave her to foot the bills alone. Learn to be supportive and caring. It is not a must you buy her all she needs or give her money when you don’t have enough. You can give her as little as you can or give her the money you can afford to give.

Most women need things that are beyond money, they need emotional care and physical care, you should learn to provide your woman with all the love she needs. This will make her love you more and wouldn’t want to lose a man like you. A man who is running away from his responsibility may be running for these two reasons, either he does not understand his responsibility or he is just making up excuses to be irresponsible.

#3. Profess

Women love men who are proud of them. If you are dating a lady for a while and you don’t show you love her. She may hate you or quit the relationship. If your woman’s name is Sophia and when you meet your friends with her, you introduce her by saying “This is Sophia,” it means you are truly in love with her. That may be very embarrassing to her and she may not go out with you again.

Women love men who are proud of having them as their women. They like it when you introduce them as your girlfriend or fiancée. This keeps them attracted to you and if you have a wife who you always prove to love ❤️, she won’t take you for granted. She will provide you with all the love you need from her.

My dear, if you love your woman and want her to love you and always want her to stay by your side, you should make sure you do these three things protect, provide and profess your love for your woman. Your woman will be very proud of you and she won’t leave your side. And if you are not married any reasonable woman who knows the quality you possess will always want to associate with you.

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