Guys, If You Want To Easily Satisfy Your Lady, Just Do These 5 Things

Most guys think that spending and gifting ladies million is the best way to satisfy her. There are actually other easy ways to satisfy and even make her fall in love with you. Life is not just about giving chocolates and roses to woo a girl, it’s all about keeping her truly happy and complete.

As a guy, todays article will teach you how to satisfy a woman especially when you are committed to her. These 5 things I shared below are easy to understand just read to the end and then apply what you have read in real life.

  1. Compliment and appreciate her.

Never lose a chance to appreciate and compliment your lady. Appreciate all the small things she does for you, like a simple “thank you” every time she calls or check up on you. Compliment her looks, tell her she looks beautiful every moment. You have to find a way to always shower her with these beautiful words cause is the only way to satisfy her mind.

  1. Cook a meal for her.

This number two might sound funny, but i bet you is one of the best way to please a lady. If you don’t know how to cook don’t be bother. She’ll appreciate your efforts in trying hard to cook for her anyway. They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well, the way to a woman’s heart can be paved through your culinary experiments. You can also ask for help from her to teach you how to cook; she will be happier and impressed knowing that you’re trying to learn things to make her satisfy.


  1. Always take good photos of her in her outfits.

Yes, i said you should always take good pictures of her. You shouldn’t be told when to snap, ladies love taking pictures every minutes of their life. As a guy you should make this number 3 a habit, little things matters a lot in relationship.

  1. Respect her and her body

Most importantly, you have to give her all the respect she deserve. Because she’s deeply in love and free with you doesn’t mean you should disrespect her. Accept her for who she is, never body shame her looks.

Doing this number 4 will make her feel comfortable and satisfy around you.

  1. Be open to her

Finally, you must not for any reason to keep a secret or hiding things from her. Your woman should have access to your phone, laptop, personal room and documents. You should let her into your life fully and make her know that you are not hiding anything from her.

Ensure to practice these things and see how that lady will be satisfied with your presence in her life.

In case your not understanding any area please comment below, I’ll be replying as soon as possible. Hope you gain a lot.

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