Guys, She Will Fall In Love With You If You Tell Her Any Of These Sweet Words

Most times, men miss use words especially when it concerns women. Women on the other hand feels comfortable with a guy who praises her with lots of sweet words. In this article, we shall be discussing on some sweet words to say to a woman or your potential wife that will make her love you more.

  1. My angel, what can I do without you? You complete me and makes my life a happy one. Saying something like this to your girlfriend or lover will make her develop more affections for you

  2. You are my light when it’s dark. What this actually means is that she brings joy and comfort to you and you can not loose her to anyone.

  3. My love, you are the only one my heart beats for. When a girl hears this, she may smile. She is smiling not because the words are funny but because deep inside her, those words are tougher her emotionally and she begin to start developing more affections for you.

  4. I have been thinking about you all through today, please remind me when last did I see you. She will know that you miss her and also that she is important to you because you can only miss things that are important to you.


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