Guys, Without Money You Can Satisfy A Woman By Doing These 5 Things

Often times guys think the only thing that make a woman satisfy is by spending money; in order to get her shoes, expensive gifts, and fancy restaurants. Anyway those ideas are nice, but money cannot replace these simple things i drafted below in making a woman satisfy.

I’m going to teach these 5 things, good aspect is that even if your poor or rich, a kobo won’t leave your pocket. Just understand and read to the end then apply what you have read in real life.


  1. Pamper Her.

First of all women love to be pampered. To pamper, you don’t have to spend a Naira, simply tell her stories, recite love poems, sing her favorite song, dance, crack her ribs, hug and treat her like a 1year old baby. Believe me she will ever be satisfy and that relationship you guys have will last long.

  1. Make Her Feel Secure.

This number two is important. Ladies need full assurance, and money can’t buy it. Your protective streak will help you make a woman satisfy. Make her feel secure around you, once she feel like you are someone she can depend on anything, she’ll instinctively feel happier and ok to be in love with you.

  1. Giving your time and attention.

You have to devote your time to her, always try to be around her. Don’t give her the impression that she is bugging or bothering you. Don’t make her think that the only time you want to be with her is when you need something from her. Spend quality time with and by so doing, you folks will get to know each other better.


  1. Don’t make her feel hurt or Jealous

As the saying goes; money can’t give someone peace of mind. A woman only shows her satisfaction around a guy when he never makes her feel hurt or jealous in any form. Guys learn to treat her well always have it in mine ladies are emotional and soft hearted.

  1. Be honest.

Nothing can kill a relationship like telling lies. When you are caught in a lie, it undermines everything your woman thinks about you and impacts every aspect of the relationship. Trust goes a long way in keeping your a woman satisfied.

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Do these things and see how life will be very much easy for you and her even if there is no money yet.

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