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These Habits Are Bad For Your Skin

Everybody today wants to look good and have clear shining skin. Some might think applying expensive creams alone can make the skin great, but the truth, not known to many is that the way you live your life daily has a greater impact on your skin than the routine of applying expensive skincare products. Here are some daily routines you may not have thought about that adds up to skin damage over time.

You don’t wash your face before bed.

Guys especially are fond of this habit. After a long day, many of us prefer to just jump into bed without having a decent bath or a face wash. Because you can’t see the grime on your face doesn’t mean it’s not there and over time, this will definitely tell on your face and your complexion will have to pay the price. Pollution, oil and dirt from the atmosphere build up and leads to both inflammation and breakouts on the face. So if you can’t get to the sink or just don’t want to, it is advised that you use a facial wipe or a gentle cleanser with moisturizers to keep your complexion hydrated.

You smoke.

Cigarettes have a substance known as nicotine and this has the ability to reduce blood flow to your skin, which means it doesn’t get enough oxygen and nutrients it needs to stretch. This chemical in tobacco also damages the elastin protein that gives your skin structure.

What many do not know is that even as smokers are liable to die young, the skin starts dying long before their time because a smoker’s skin is thin, more wrinkled, dull and less able to heal.

Also, years of puckering your lips to hold a cigarette or squinting the eyes to keep out smoke can also deepen lines and lead to more wrinkles in those areas. While antioxidants like vitamin A and C can ease some of the damages from smoking, the only sure way to fix this is to quit smoking for good.

Keep your complexion on track and know which habits you need to change if you have any.


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