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What Happens When A Child Is Aborted (Photos)

This is Shocking. Children aborted are purely innocent. And moreover, it is highly disastrous even to the Lady or Woman. You don’t know and can’t tell the type of Child the Baby is or would be.

There are a lot of scary images about aborted Children which is so disheartening. People are really cruel. When you know you aren’t ready for a Child, why bringing him/her into existence at the first instance???

Now, when they get pregnant and they do not want to be disgraced, all they do is go for abortion, but they don’t know it has very dangerous side effects which may likely affect them.

Here a list of Reasons why you should never abort.

It takes innocent lives.

It punishes innocent people.

You will always have the guilty conscience in you

It would create New Problems

Your womb may be destroyed forever

It might cause a lasting pain for you

It would surely harm you in one way or the other.

There are still many other reasons why you should never abort. So if you ever get pregnant, do not ever think of an abortion.


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