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This is What Happens When You Eat Banana Before Going To Bed

People Dealing with Cough or Cold

If you’re battling with cold or cough, it is very unhealthy to consume banana in the night. One reason is banana spikes the histamine in our bodies which is know to cause the buildup of mucus. If not avoided, it may lead to sleepless nights because your body will be forced to get rid of the mucus.

People Dealing with Asthma

Asthmatic patients are advised to stay away from consuming bananas in the night because the mucus can make breathing very impossible thereby hindering your sleep.

Stomach Issues

If you’re feeling bloated or uneasy, don’t try eating banana in the night. Banana takes a long time to digest and sleeping Immediately after eating it can cause gastric problems. If you want a sound sleep, take something else instead like tea or coffee but stay away from bananas.


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