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Hate speech Bill is to silence People from saying the truth – Nnamdi Kanu


The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, during his live broadcast has said that it is hate speech to call him or members of his group Nigerians.


“it is a madness for anyone to propose death penalty on people convicted for hate speech, it was a clear proof that Nigeria is governed with a clandestine agenda.


“The fact i and members of IPOB are still being called Nigerians, a name that was forced on us, was a hate speech against us and millions Biafrans.

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“This Hate Speech bill is exactly the same thing with Decree No 4 of 1984. What’s happening in Nigerian courts is enough to set any country ablaze. Calling me a Nigerian is hate speech.”

“it was out of place for the ninth Senate to have even allowed such a bill to be introduced in a country where people are angry and must have to speak out or perish.

“They’ve not hanged Fulani herdsmen, they’ve not hanged the bandits in the North, they’ve not hanged their fellow corrupt politicians, they’ll not hang governors that have not paid salaries and are causing untimely deaths to millions of homes. But what they’ll do very gladly is to say that they’ll hang people for free speech…People are busy talking about 2023 when danger is right before them,”

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“Each time you remind them of their kleptomaniac psyche, it’s hate speech. Each time you remind them that Ruga will not work in our land, it’s hate speech. If you say there will be no movement of Fulani cattle in our farmland, it’s hate speech. When we say we’re being killed and slaughtered for no reason, it’s hate speech.

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“But when it’s coming from the Fulani, nobody will say anything because it’s love speech. That’s the level of hypocrisy in Nigeria. People don’t reason very well anymore. If people do, the excesses of these current cabals would have been curtailed.”

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