How A Hausa Man Split The Skull Of His Boss With A Machete After Asking For Money.

Many people have miraculously survived life threatening situations, below is a stroy of how an Hausa man almost successfully killed his boss who was meant to travel abroad.

Babatude William is a farmer who owns a 3 bedroom bungalow where he lives and farm. His kids resides in Europe and he had to employ a hausa man, Jonathan, to help work on his farm.

Acccording to him, he told Jonathan he could bring an extra person to live with him so that he would not be lonely, but little did he know Jonathan had a bad intention towards him. On a faithful morning Babatude was meant to travel abroad to visit his kids, he woke up and saw his employee standing at the door of his room but didn’t see that he was holding a knife.

Jonathan asked his boss to give him all the money he wanted to travel with but his employer told him there was no money. He started speaking in hausa language to his other partner and later used a machete to slash his boss head. Babatude was left to die but lucky he got helped and was rushed to a hospital.

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His Pastor.

Though broken bones particles were removed from his brains, he survived and described the entire process of recovery as a miracle. While some are of the opinion that employers should try and know more about those who work for them.

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