“He Shifted My Pant And Did What He Liked” Lady Narrates Encounter With Police Officer [Video]

Screenshot 2021 09 20 at 21 37 41 He Shifted my pant and did what he liked Lady Narrates encounter with Police Officer Vi...

“He Shifted my pant and did what he liked” Lady Narrates encounter with Police Officer [Video]

In today’s culture, the position of young teenage girls appears to be deteriorating, and many of the challenges that they are experiencing are a result of a lack of knowledge and awareness that has developed in many groups regarding these issues.

This past Saturday, Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, a r@pe victim who goes by the name of Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, bravely shared her experience with a horrific r@pist on live television during an episode of The Day Show with Berla Mundi, which aired on TV3.

Because of her ability to relate the story of how a police officer forced himself on her when she was a little girl, her narrative was both stunning and marvelling to the whole audience, and she deserves to be recognized for it.

Hanna Mawusi Fiamevor boldly revealed her experience of a s£xual assault event with an unknown police officer that ended in an untreated r@pe case when she was 16 years old in her narrative. Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor was 16 years old when the incident occurred.

They eventually settled the matter in court, and fouly agreed to take Gh 800-GH 1000 in damages for the injuries she incurred. However, the money was never utilized to pay for her medical care, despite the fact that she was physically wounded as a result of the incident.

Throughout the event, she spoke about her previous experiences with the people of the audience who were seated in the audience.

She stated in her story that the r@pist took chances with her when they were all alone in a specific home she had visited on a very calm afternoon in the country during which they were all alone.

In addition, the lady stated, despite the fact that she was a frequent visitor to the residence, she had never anticipated anything of the kind to occur, and that she had accidentally gotten herself into trouble with the large-framed police officer who resided in the house and was twice her size.

Her account claims that an undercover cop chased her down the street and locked her and her companions in a small room, where they were physically abused and r@ped until she was rendered unconscious.

But she was unsuccessful in her endeavors to prevent it at all costs after numerous failed attempts, which prompted her to fall asleep and give up the fight, allowing him to engage in the deed undetected.

Screenshot 2021 09 20 at 21 37 36 He Shifted my pant and did what he liked Lady Narrates encounter with Police Officer Vi...
In her statement, she said that her r@pist was growing increasingly annoyed with her, and as such changed her pants and put them on from his knees while she was naively laying on the mattress.

Even though she narrated the show with a childlike innocence, her bold grins brought forth light chuckles from the crowd as she spoke.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Her tale was of exceptional quality, and she should have been recognized for it, contrary to popular perception.


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