“He Will Wake Us Up By 2am”- Bobrisky’s Ex PA Calls Him Out Again


The rift between Bobrisky and his former personal assistant, Oye Kyme seems not to be ending anytime soon as she has dragged Bobrisky again after cleaning his tattoo she has on her body. She claimed that she has suffered in the hands of Bobrisky just because of mere pictures and videos.

I know many of us are curious as to why she has a tattoo of Bobrisky on her body, this is what happened. Oye Kyme became the PA to Bob after she tattooed Bob on her body just to show how loyal she is and the love she has for the controversial celeb. Bobrisky was really touched and appreciated her by making her his personal assistant.


What a way to show love to someone who gives you that sort of loyalty. .

Be that as it may, things went sour between the two leading to their relationship breakup.

Every since then, PA Oye Kyme has been calling out Bob on social media and making all sorts of allegations against Bob.


The latest one she talked about is how she has suffered in the hands of Bobrisky of pictures and videos, adding that one time, they almost had an accident just because of that.

Speaking further about pictures and videos, Oye Kyme said Bobrisky used to wake them up in the middle of the night around 2am, just to come and take pictures and videos of her that she will update on her Instagram page.


It gets worse when Bob asks them to start all over again if necessary, saying that because of pictures and videos they almost had an accident in Ikoyi.

After cleaning the tattoo of Bob from her body, she then threw shades at Bobrisky saying her laps looks clean as if Bob’ s tattoo was never there before by making fun of Bobrisky.

See the post screenshot below:


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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