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Heartbreak As Mother Loses Three Sons In One Night

Losing a child is kne of the most painful experiences any parent can go through.

But losing three children in one night is very traumatic and it is a heart break that could take forever to heal.

That is the pain a Knysna mother is going through after she awoke last week to the sight of all three of her sons lying lifeless in a room behind their home.

The three boys – Onele (11) and Alwaba (12) Zuzani and Siyabonga (20) Totwana – were all either past or present learners at Thembelitsha Primary School. Onele and Alwaba were in Grade 4 and 6 respectively, while Siyabonga had finished his primary schooling and went on to attend Percy Mdala High School.

The three brothers lived with their mother and father at their home in Nekkies.

According to Southern Cape police spokesperson Sergeant Christopher Spies, the three brothers went to sleep in a wooden structure at the back of the main house on the night of Thursday 15 July.

“Their mother went to fetch them the next morning (Friday 16 July) when she discovered their bodies on the floor of the room,” Spies said. “Emergency personnel responded to the incident where paramedics later declared the trio dead on scene.”

The exact circumstances surrounding their death are still under investigation, but he did indicate that there were remnants of a small fire in the room.

“Crime scene experts combed the scene for clues when debris of a fire that was made inside a tin container, also known as a gally (bola), was found on the premises,” he said. “Knysna police opened an inquest docket following the discovery of the bodies.”

An autopsy to determine the cause of death will be conducted during the course of this week. There was an outpouring of support for the family of the brothers on social media when KPH broke the news of their tragic deaths, with more than 50 comments on the post. One commentator acknowledged the pain the devastated mother of the boys, Vee Totwana, must be going through.




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