Heartbreaking : Flight attendant’s last text to girlfriend before he was killed when plane engulfed in flames

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Flight attendant
A flight attendant’s last words to his girlfriend before he died in a plane fire have been revealed.
Maxim Moiseyev was working on board Flight SU1492 which was supposed to fly from Moscow to Murmansk. Sadly, the Aeroflot SuperJet was forced to make an emergency landing after reportedly being hit by lightning.
The plane was engulfed in flames the moment it landed at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and passengers struggled to get off the burning plane. Sadly, Maxim died as he was trying to open the rear exit to save passengers in the burning rear of the Sukhoi SuperJet after it erupted in flames during the emergency landing.
Flight attendant
Just before he died, the 22-year-old sent a message to his girlfriend Ksenia Obraztsova, in her early twenties.
Flight attendant
He told her that the flight was returning abruptly to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport, nicknamed “Sharik”.
Russian media has reported the messages read:
Maxim – “We are flying to Sharik.”
Maxim – “All is okay with me, don’t worry”
Ksenia – “Did you turn around? Where are you flying? Why do you have a network access? Give me the flight number”
Maxim – “Loving you”
Ksenia – “What happened. 1492. I found it (the flight number)”
He died without seeing her final message.
Flight attendant
Of the 5 crew members on boards, only Maxim died. 40 passengers also died in the fire.
Dmitry Khlebnikov, a passenger seated in the 10th row, told journalists at Sheremetyevo airport that he was only alive thanks to the crew.
There is speculation Maxim will be honoured by Vladimir Putin for bravery in seeking to save the lives passengers in the plane.
Flight attendant

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