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HEARTBREAKING! ! ! Former Army General Exposes Currupt Leaders As Nigeria Celebrate 61st Independence


Every country in the world is battling corruption. Corruption is not a disease that can be fought with guns or stone. Corruption can’ t be fought through prayers and fasting unless the concerned parties are arrested, investigated, disgraced, and prosecuted.

Many countries of the world are somehow battling corruption. In Nigeria, corruption has affected the efficiency of the government in a very bad way.

Corruption has affected the performance of the government and it has made the government look very weak and inefficient. Unless corruption is fought and stopped by the appropriate authority, Nigeria and other countries of the world may not develop.


In the last years, a lot of corrupt individuals have been arrested and billions of money have been recovered. Despite this arrest and prosecution, unknown individuals continued to get themselves involved in corrupt practices by stealing government money and money meant for the public.

Due to this, the people are not able to have access to different programs of the government because what is meant for them has been stolen and diverted into different pockets by corrupt individuals. While all this is going on, a former army general has urged Nigerians as well as political office holders to not get themselves involved in corrupt practices. When this is done, he said there would be development in the country.


According to Sahara Reporters, Abdulsalam Abubakar, a former army general has blamed the British government for the current situation in the country. He alleged that the British, through the process of colonialism, stole many things which bonged to Nigeria.

He said the treasury of Nigeria as well as many things which Nigeria owned was stolen and taken away by the British government. After the incident, he said the story of Nigeria changed and the country begin to experience different problems and crises.


During his independence speech, he said the white men did a lot of damages to the economy of the country and their main aim was to carry all the good things that belonged to Nigeria to their country abroad. Due to the discovery of oil, he said many resources which belonged to Nigeria were taken away and Nigeria was left alone to feed itself.


Despite what the British government did to the country, he said the country was blessed with good leaders who looked for a way to develop Nigeria and due to their efforts, Nigeria was able to stand on its feet again. However, he urged the leaders in the country to continue to work towards developing Nigeria.


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