HEARTBREAKING! ! ! See How Soludo’s Celebration Over Anambra Guber Has Just Been Squashed By INEC


The Nigerian electoral bureau INEC has postponed the conclusion of the gubernatorial elections in Anambra to the November 9 victory of lead candidate Charles Soludo. This was reported by The PeoplesGazette.


Soludo’ s APGA has a comfortable lead over its main competitors in APC and PDP, but Ihiala has more registered voters than the gap between APGA and its second PDP. Elections were held in 20 of the state’ s 21 local government districts on Saturday. leave Ihiala as the only floating enclosure. Technical failures, logistics and security uncertainties prevented residents of the local government from exercising their right to vote, the authorities said.


Ms. Obi, professor of special education at the University of Calabar, said an additional poll will be held Tuesday morning to determine a final winner, even though Soludo’ s victory seemed insurmountable at the time. .

Ms. Obi said APGA’ s Mr. Solude received 103, 946 votes; Valentine Ozigbo of the PDP received 51, 322 votes; while APC’ s Andy Uba took third place with 42, 942 votes.

Ihiala has 148, 407 registered voters and is considered one of the LGAs in which APC’ s Andy Uba does well in the elections, despite not having won any area of ​​local government, including his house in Aguata. Ozigbo with 52, 624 votes is well below the 148, 407 registered voters in Ihiala. However, if one considers the average participation of around 10 percent in the results reported so far, observers come to the imminent victory of the APGA.


Ms. Obi, citing Section 179 (3) of the Constitution, said that ” a second ballot will be held between the candidate with the highest number of votes and one of the remaining candidates who received the majority of the votes with the highest number of votes” . ”

” Collect and announce all results until elections are held in 320 electoral units in Ihiala local government, ” said Ms. Obi.


Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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