HELP!!! I Love Poor Men Now, Rich Men Are Hurting Me – Lady Cry Out

I have true love but always Men are hurting me I don’t know why. Don’t know what is really wrong about me and my Well being.

Money is not a problem as I do provide much in a relationship I do give out much of the Support to my boyfriend. When talking about bed time I give out the Best I may tell.

I remember giving my boyfriend my bank card all night he was buying his friends expensive alcohol with bottles, What pissed me out was that there were with guys and driving my car.

When I got to the pub o found girls chopping my hard earned money like nothing. Just because I was trying to show my boyfriend how much I love him.

To all girls out there guys please do not do things which will hurt and houant you tomorrow. If he loves you and gives out much Support to you just respect him and love him for real even if he’s poor.

Now I’m looking for any guy if poor I’ll look after you. And I don’t have any kid.

If You think, you are ready and going to take her serious as partner, comments on this article directly to our site identifying why you think, you the better man for that would not break her heart.

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