Herbal Formula to Treat Typhoid Fever

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What are the risk factors for typhoid fever?

A number of factors increase your chances of contracting typhoid fever. While rare within the United States, Canada, & other industrialized countries, typhoid is a major health threat within developing, non industrialized countries. Risk factors included:

  1. Close contact with infected or recently infected individuals.

  2. Residence in a developing country or continent with poor water & sewage treatment facilities or poor hygiene practices.

  3. Travel to areas where typhoid fever out breaks are more frequent & common, such as India, South east Asia, Africa &South America.

  4. Weaken immune system due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, or medications such as corticosteroid.

Simple technical way to escape Typhoid Fever.

  1. Avoiding contact with a person who has typhoid fever or its symptoms, such as abdominal pain, headache, and fever.

  2. Drinking only bottled water & not using ice unless it is made from bottled water. Eating foods that r completely cooked, hot, & still steaming.

  3. Getting vaccinated against typhoid fever before visiting high risk areas.

  4. Not eating raw fruits, vegetables that cannot be peeled.

  5. Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 15 secs during and after contact with a person who has typhoid fever, or with a person who has symptoms of typhoid fever, such as abdominal pain, headache, rash, and fever.

  6. Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 15 seconds, especially before handling food, & after using d bathroom, touching feces, & changing diapers.

  7. Avoiding unrefrigerated or poorly refrigerated poultry products.

  8. Treat yourself better with typhoid vaccine if you visited the area where d disease spread.

To cure typhoid fever completely, you must take your antibiotics for as long as prescribed and follow up with your health care provider for a series of blood and stool tests to ensure you are no longer contagious. A small percentage of people infected with Salmonella Typhoid become carriers, which means that the bacteria are present in the intestines & blood stream & are shed in the stool even after d person no longer has symptoms of disease. Because of d carrier effect, it is important to know that even after you receive treatment for typhoid fever you may still be able to spread the disease by contaminating food and water.

What are the potential complications of typhoid fever?.

Typhoid fever can last for weeks or months, and may become life threatening. As many as 20% of people with the disease may die from complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. They are now in Nigeria since 2013. Check MayCure In Oshodi, Lagos.

You can treat typhoid fever & minimize the risk of complications by following d treatment plan you and your health care professionals design specifically for you. The potential complications of typhoid fever include: Adverse effects of treatment, Bowel perforation, Dehydration, Electrolyte imbalance, Intestinal perforation & bleeding, Kidney failure, Mental changes, such as confusions, hallucinations & delirium, Peritonitis (inflammation of d abdominal lining), Return of symptoms if the infection was not completely cured, Sepsis, Shock.

FOR HERBAL TREATMENT ON TYPHOID FEVER, here I bring 4 formulae for you.

You can personally prepare this herbs and they are to be taken after every meal.

FORMULA..1: you need to get:

A. 10 ripe tomatoes.

B. 7 pieces of carrot.

C. 8 bottles of water.

D. 1 bottle of Honey.

RECIPE: blend d tomatoes with d carrot, used the water to mix them and the honey.

DOSAGE: 1 glass 3 time day for 7days.

FORMULA..2: you need to get;

A. 20 balls of citrus Auratifolia Common name “lime” Yoruba (Osawewe). Igbo (Epe Nkirisi). Hausa (lemu) 8 bottles of water

RECIPE: slice the lime balls in two each and bring to boil with half done.

DOSAGE: 1/2 a glass 3 times daily for 10days.

FORMULA..3: you need to get ;

A. Basil Ocinum. Igbo (nchanwu). Yoruba (Efiri). Esan (alamokho).

B. 10 Bottles of water.

RECIPE. Squeeze the fresh leave of basil ocinum into d water, then sieve for some hours.

DOSAGE: 1 glass 3 times daily.

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