HIGH TENSION! See What Nigerian Soldiers Did To Voters, APGA Chairman At Ihiala Council


There is a strong presence of security personnel at the headquarters of the local government area of IHILA in the planned supplementary elections. Security agents formed by the police, the security of Nigeria and the civil defense body, the army and the State Services Department at their large numbers, were available in the local government to compromise security.


Some of the employees demanded that voters and passers- by, by their two hands have raised their heads (a sign of submission).

The Commissioner of the State of the Police, Echeg Erworo Echeg, had said: ” We do not say that there is no fear; Fear is everywhere until the concerns of the Anambra, we are sure of what we have here: the military, the police, the DSS, the civil defense. They are able to handle any situation that comes. ”


He remembers that the National Independent National Elector Commission (INEC) on Sunday corrects a date for a complementary election in the Council, in which the Government Survey was not. INEC also exposed the collation of the results for government elections. IHIALA is the only area of the local government in which the elections did not have the 21 areas of the Council in the State.

INEC Sunday had announced the results of 20 of the 21 areas of the local government with the candidate of the Great Progressive Alliance (Apga), charles, in 18 years. Since then, since then, INEC has adopted the use of ad hoc electoral and employees of the IHIA government secretariat in Anambra State to the various billing units.


The Commissioners and National Presidents of the INEC, the education, information and education of voters, Festus Okoye, had announced on Monday that the complementary election will stop on Tuesday from 10 a. m. to 4: 00 p. m. But from the moment the presentation of this report at noon, the distribution of electoral materials is still in the Secretariat of Ihiala LGA. In the Uzokwa 3- room, the room closest to the Ihiala Secretariat, there is no activity.


Remember the Sunday, during the provision of the results, the IHIALA Collation Officer, Ahmadu Umar, confirmed that there were no choices in the area. He did not claim why there were no elections in Ihiala. He said there are 148, 407 voters registered in the LGA, adding that the choice was not done in ihiala.


There was a delay in carrying out the government elections of Anambra’ s state governments in the local government area. Saharaporter had also informed the malfunction of the Bimodal System machines of INEC, as well as the tense security situation on Saturday, which affected the soft and smooth flow of choice.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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