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Hisbah Sharia: An Open Letter To Christians Living In Kano State

A nation like Nigeria with different cultural, ethnic and religious differences can only coexist in unity and harmony when we learn to love and respect each other despite these differences.

Nigeria has been existing peacefully for quite a long time before certain conflicts began to exist among tribes and religion.

The news of Hisbah arresting people has not just been a terror to some people but also a great fear in the minds of some citizens of the country. Two days ago, a young man from Benin was arrested and still in custody for making a stylish haircut for his customer which the haircut was alleged to be against the Islamic laws.

More so, a Christian police inspector was also arrested for buying beer. This is just the most recent two cases amongst various others which includes destruction of alcoholic drinks, shops, hotels, etc.

It’s therefore worthwhile that Christians who stays in Kano state becomes concious of the following in order to avoid illegal arrest.

1. Try not be open about alcohol consumption.

Some christians take alcohol while some don’t, however the Hisbah Sharia Islamic group is totally against it. It’s therefore necessary that Christians are careful of where and how they take alcohol and beer in Kano state. You can buy them and consume personally at home than a public place.

2. Haircut

Christians are certainly not aware of the Islamic religion laws and so there’s no way they are going to adhere to those principles unknown to them. Christians in Kano State should therefore take note of certain haircut (especially the youths) they make.

3. Dressing

Times without number, ladies and young men have been arrested by the Hisbah group for dressing against the Islamic law. Therefore Christians in Kano state should be mindful of their dressing. Don’t wear anything that will expose your body, hence the group goes against it.

As far as you are still living in Kano state, be careful about these things. If a police inspector can still be in the hishbah custody, what about you and I who are not military nor force men?

While we await a positive change and equal rights among citizens of the country, christians should be careful so they won’t be arrested by the Hisbah group.

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