History: This Is What Kaduna State Was Called Before It Was Named Kaduna In The Year 1976

It is necessary for us to set our mind back then in the history of Nigeria, those days when several things happened which is beyond our intellectuality. Anthropology of law has made it clear for us to understand the relevance of history, the existence of people, and how they lived their live.

Anthropology of law critically underscored the relevance of history, Anthropology of law helps us to have an idea of what happened in the past, to use some relevant things that happened in the past to correct some mistakes in the present and also to project the future. Talking about what Kaduna was called before it was named Kaduna, you must first of all know some relevant history before jumping into conclusion of what we have today.

It is imperative to know that the name Kaduna was taken up by Fredrick Lugard and his colonial colleagues, when they moved the capital of the Northern region from Zugeru to the Kaduna city in the 1967. When the colonial masters began their colonial activities in the northern part of Nigerian, the group of people living there was referred to as the “Northern Nigeria” moreover, in 1967, this people were carved into the “North central state” this was the case until Kaduna was formerly created by Gen. Murtala Mohammed in the year 1975, that is to say, Kaduna is the successor of the old Northern region which has its capital at Kaduna.

In the year 1967, the old northern region was divided into six northern state, which Kaduna was made the capital of North-central state, whose name was later changed to Kaduna state in the year 1976. However, the previous name of Kaduna state is “North-central state”

It is also magnificent for you to know the meaning of the word “Kaduna”, the word Kaduna simply means “Kada” for crocodile in the singular form, and “Kadunna” for crocodiles in the plural form, as there were many crocodiles in the river. In the coat of arm of the state, there is a crocodile as their symbols, and also in the state football club Kaduna United F.C, they use Crocodile as their Nickname.

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