Holiday Celebrations That Turned Into Sex Escapades After A Randy Couple Was Caught On Camera Having Sex On A Motorbike In Broad Daylight!

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A horny lady and a randy guy were caught on camera having sex on a motorbike in broad daylight.
In the video going viral on social media, the hot-blooded couple is seen doing their thing on a delivery motorbike without any care and worry of who might be watching. Their adventure ended in an anti-climax as they lost balance and tumbled to the ground as residents watched.

Recently, a video of female Kenyan pastor advising her congregants to engage in sex anywhere went viral on social media. In the video, the female pastor now christened twa twa, who is also said to be a doctor, describes sex using the words ‘Twa Twa’ and thrusts her hips animatedly.

“Kama kuna kitu inatufanya tukue kitu kimoja na pastor ni sex, us we can have sex anywhere, kwa gari… twa twa, Kitchen… twa twa everywhere,” she said. In contrast, even as some men and women can have sex without getting tired, there are some married persons who don’t rise to the occasion whenever they are in bed.

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Granted, however, Mugwenu advises that s.ex is up there among human needs, people
should respect themselves and do it in private.

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