"HOOK-UP" GONE WRONG!!! He Paid Me N10,000 And Stole My N1.3m – Lady Cries Out - Mc Ebisco "HOOK-UP" GONE WRONG!!! He Paid Me N10,000 And Stole My N1.3m – Lady Cries Out - Mc Ebisco
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“HOOK-UP” GONE WRONG!!! He Paid Me N10,000 And Stole My N1.3m – Lady Cries Out


Angel (not real name) has shared the details of how a “hook-up” session went awry after her client scammed her.

She had to report the matter to Kubwa Divisional Police Station and the police have been brought in.

She confessed that she felt betrayed by the man who was identified as Frank. According to her, he came across as a loving young man whom she thought had a genuine interest in her.

But he turned out to be an alleged internet fraudster who wired N1.3 million from her account without her consent.

How Did They Meet?

It was meant to be a one-night stand and they met through a ‘hook-up app.

She was supposed to stay for one night, and she was to be paid N10,000.

They had arranged to meet physically at Soul Lounge nightclub, Kubwa, in late August 2021.

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When they met, Frank said he likes her and he wants her to stay with him for eight days and that he will give her N20,000 each day.

She agreed and ended up spending eight days with him at a hotel located in Kubwa, a suburb of Abuja.

‘He Told Me He Had N40m In His Account”

Frank was flamboyant so it was easy for Angel to be deceived by him. He bragged about fictional achievements, including owning a house in high-brow areas of the federal capital, having over 40 million in his accounts and strings of businesses.

These alluring statements made Angel “loose guard” in local parlance.

So they were at Bchezz Hotel located opposite the Kubwa Central Market in Kubwa, where they did nothing but eat, sleep and enjoy each other’s company for eight days.


“We were supposed to stay one night, and he paid me 10k. He said he likes me and he wants me to stay with him for eight days and that he will give me 20k each day. He even transferred 120k seven days ahead, and I said since he has paid me now maybe it is one of those guys.

But Angel would later find out that her supposed newfound love was taking care of her from the money he had stolen from her.

The N1.3m was her entire savings of two years!

“He Removed The SIM Card Linked To My Bank Account”

When asked how he withdrew the N1.3m from her account, she said he removed the SIM card linked to her bank account from her phone and replaced it with another one.

After he transferred the N120,000 to her seven days ahead, she said: “That time the SIM card was still with me, and as soon as I saw the alert, I deleted it. Then my account was over N1.3m. So, later we were going to buy something and anywhere he was going, he will always like me to follow him. I didn’t know that he was doing that so that I don’t suspect him.

She also revealed he worked alongside a POS guy in front of the hotel.

She said she noticed that he was discussing with the POS guy the first day we went to the hotel but thought nothing of it.


“Whenever we get downstairs and to the front of the hotel gate, he will tell me to wait that he wants to see that POS guy; he will be talking, I don’t know what they are talking about. When it is time for the guy to give him the money, he will tell me to come.

“He will even give me some of the money to count and I will now be asking him, ‘what do you want to do with this money?’ He would say he wants to play Bet Naija and the POS guy will be laughing,” she said.

She said Frank sometimes withdrew N100,000 and other times N200,000 or N300,000 and would not explain the reason for the rapid cash withdrawals.

“That was how this guy kept withdrawing from my account, sending it to the POS guy’s personal account and I didn’t know that all the money he was spending was my money. He didn’t even buy me a single gown from that money,” she said holding her tears back.

“He Became Uneasy At Some Point”

To further spice her mini-vacation, Frank asked that Angel accompany him to Lokoja for a business trip which she agreed to.

“He was really taking good care of me. He bought me food always and ensured I was okay. The hotel we even stayed In Lokoja was cool too,” she said.

According to her, her small phone had two MTN SIMs and at some point, she noticed that Frank had her SIM and when she confronted him, he apologized.

After his apology, she felt safe again since they were still together.

Furthermore, she did not suspect the activities on her account because Frank had discarded the battery of her nearly-damaged mobile phone, saying he would buy her an iPhone when they get to Abuja.


After a night in Lokoja, Angel said Frank became uneasy and at that point, she sensed things were not alright and decided that she was leaving. He gave her N3,000 as transportation fare back to Abuja.

“When I asked him for my SIM, he told me to search the hotel we stayed in Abuja, but do you know when I came back and put a battery in that phone and called my line, this boy picked and told me that I have not seen anything?” she narrated.

And that was when it dawned on her that Frank had not only wiped N1.3m from her account but later discovered that the N120,000 he earlier transferred into her account was a ‘fake alert’.

All she ‘gained’ from the ugly incident was N13,000.

The Police are still investigating the case.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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