HOT GIST! See The Nuude Pose That Almost Shattered Halima Abubakar’s Acting Career

Back in 2001, Nollywood actress was plagued by a nude picture scandal. The model then, posed for a magazine nude which almost tainted her career as she had a problem in the future working with producers who referred her back to the scandal.

In an interview, with the Nigerian Voice, she revealed that the nude scandal might have been her greatest mistake. She spoke on how the simple pose nearly shattered her family. She went on to say it was an adolescent stage of her life and she wouldn’t wish to face such a challenge ever again.

“I modeled in a magazine in 2001. As a model, there is no limitation to be a professional, but due to our level of civilization, it was celebrated then that I posed nude. I don’t think I will model in such a manner again because I’m more mature now”.

“It was childishness and an adolescent stage of my life and I wouldn’t wish to face any of such challenges again. The challenges I would love to face now is marital life and my acting career. Though a lot of people are still doing it but I wouldn’t because acting is my first love. It really delayed my career for a long time and it happened when I was about leaving to complete my studies at Bayero University Kano. So I left the industry in 2004 for 4 years to get an education and then come back in 2007 when I was ready and matured to face challenges”.

The scandal discouraged a lot of producers from associating with the actress. According to her;

“A lot of producers didn’t want to work with me. They used to see me as a very decent quiet girl. To see those pictures, it was very shocking to them. It took me some years to convince them that I can act very well. I have built relationships again. It was simply shocking to my parents. My dad still does not like reading about me in the papers. My mum knows I love what I do so she advises me most times. Anyway, they are okay now unlike when they read those things years ago” she added.

The sociology graduate said her parent was shocked when they heard about what she did but they forgave her in the end she said;

‘It was shocking to my parents. It wasn’t an easy journey. I was so depressed because of the death of my boyfriend so I had no option than to go to my parents to make amends. Though they were furious based on our religious beliefs, but they forgave me as my parents.”

She also went on to reveal that as much as people condemn her, she was aware that her religion, being Islam strictly sees the act as a taboo. Being a Northerner makes it a greater sin because the state doesn’t condone such act and she was lucky she wasn’t in the North as she wouldn’t have got away with it. However, she was grateful that the drama died down after a while and people have given her another chance.

Although some producers are skeptical about giving her roles but they are beginning to come around which she wouldn’t mess up.

The Igbera, Kogi State-born actress is from a family of 6 and the 3rd of the family. She grew up in Kano State and attended Army Day Bukabu Secondary Education Bubabu barracks, Kano. This delectable actress is a graduate of Sociology from

Halima who ventured into the movie industry with Genevive left the industry to obtain a degree in Sociology at the Bayero University Kano.

She has featured in movies like: “Before the rain”, “Beautiful Beauty”, “Area Mama”, “Sin No More”, “War In The Church”, “Red Card”, “Offence Relationship” among others.

Halima Abubakar who told the Nigerian Voice that she is no longer interested in nude photos ‘I don’t think I will model in such manner again because I’m more matured now” was again seen posting topless photos of herself on Instagram years after the Interview. She appeared braless and was only clad from her waist down claiming the picture is to show trolls who body shame her that she’s got the perfect body shape.

She wrote;


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