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Hours After ESN Allegedly Killed Notorious Bandit In Benue, See What Miyetti Allah Said Again

The situation of things in the country at the moment is getting many peace-loving Nigerians perturbed. As it seems, these Nigerians are beginning to fret over issues of insecurity in the country. They are beginning to demand that the government do the needful by ending all forms of insurgency in the country as soon as possible. As it seems, the federal and state governments are doing enough to ensure that peace returns in Nigeria soon.

If you recall, some members of Nnamdi Kanu’s ESN took to social media to celebrate their alleged victory. This bunch of outlaws was seen over the week celebrating the alleged killing of a notorious bandit, Mohammed Isa. They claimed that the ESN force, Northern command arrested and killed Isa.

Hours after ESN released this statement, the Miyetti Allah has acted through its Secretary-General. Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, Saleh Al Hasan has denied the allegation that Isa is one of them. He revealed that his organization has no ties with any leader of a gang of Fulani bandits, Mohammed Isa, allegedly killed by members of ESN in Benue state. He however called on security agents to arrest and prosecute all members of Nnamdi Kanu’s ESN killing innocent people.

This statement released by the Secretary-General of Miyetti Allah has however attracted much attention. The majority thinks that all those involved in the alleged capture and killing of Mohammed Isa should be arrested and put in prison.

There are a few others who think differently. This category of people reasoned that the Miyetti Allah is disguising. They opined that they are not ready to tell Nigerians the truth.

What do you think?.

• Do you think that Mohammed Isa belongs to the Miyetti Allah group?.

• Do you think that ESN members should be arrested?.

• Do you think that they should be allowed?.


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