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Hours After Joe Biden Was Inaugurated, Prophet TB Joshua Shares Video Of His Prophecy About The US

Prophet TB Joshua is one among many controversial prophets in Nigeria, one of those who have international recognition, thousands of followers both in and outside of Nigeria. His many prophecies about different things made people tag him a controversial prophet.

He hails from the western part of Nigeria which is very obvious in his tongue and pronunciation, with his thousands of followers; he has a gigantic building known as Synagogue Church for All Nation, a large edifice that accommodates thousands of worshippers at once. His ministry is located in Lagos state Nigeria with virtual branches from across many nations.

The prophet is known for performing many strange miracles in his church and making prophecies every year, especially about things that would happen in that very year, he makes prophecy about elections, politic, football, natural and national disasters and most of these prophecies come to pass. Many of his prophesies have been coming to pass.

Hours after the new president of the United States of America was inaugurated, Prophet TB Joshua took to his official Facebook page to throw more light about his prophecy on the presidential election of the United States of America. He made it clear that he actually said that there would be an inauguration of a new president in January and it has come to pass.

The American presidential election brought about so many reactions and controversies, especially when the former president, Donald Trump refused to accept defeat at the time, many people were of the opinion that the prophecy of Prophet TB Joshua may not come to pass. Surprisingly the prophecy came as clear as it was stated by the prophet and he shared video minutes ago to show the world he actually made the prophecy.

While others call him names, his prophecies come to pass. Even though some religious organizations such as CAN refuse to accept him as a member, he still has thousands of followers who believe strongly in his ministry and also believe that he is truly a Godsent. They enjoy all they need to enjoy from a prophet and therefore care little about whatever people think or say about their prophet.

In what seemed like a celebration, Prophet TB shared this video for the whole world to see, with no doubt that he prophesied and it happened exactly the way he said it would. He said there would be chaos and trouble, but it would not change anything.

Watch the video he shared here

Many of his followers have been singing his praises in the comment section of the video because the United States presidential election happened exactly the way he said it would. One cannot say exactly what would happen and how it would happen without having a spiritual backup, the backup could be of God or not, but it is obviously not a physical phenomenon.

Never speak evil about a man of God just because you do not like the way he does his things, one cannot tell who is real or not, just serve your God, believe in your own prophet and live your life to the fullest.

Share this video and make people believe that God is alive, great and still doing wonderful things everyday.


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