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Hours After PMB Re-Opened Boarders, See What People In Benin Republic Started Doing That Got Reactions

There is actually no gain saying in the fact that Nigeria is an Africa giant. Although we believe we are suffering in this country, but certain things if we compared the country with most of the neighboring country then vividly we can come to a near conclusion that Nigeria is an Africa giant.

Hours ago the President of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari opened the land boarders which have been on lock since over seven months ago, this condition really affected the citizen of the country as many food items price go on exponential rate while we struggle to manage the little we can get here.

Nigerians only thinks the boarder closure affected them, not until the announcement of the lifting of the ban on those boarders surfaces. Few hours after the lock to the borders were removed, the people in Benin republic started jubilation and celebrating the good news, even us in Nigeria are not celebrating anything.

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