How Bandits Use Religion For Their Course: A Case Study Of An Arrested Imam Who Is Bandit Informant -
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How Bandits Use Religion For Their Course: A Case Study Of An Arrested Imam Who Is Bandit Informant

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Religions are always pure and complete while the followers are mixed, selfish, and selective to some religious doctrine. If mankind is not so selective, mixed, and ignorant of some religious doctrine then the world will have been a better place. That is what brought about sects in both the two major religions mostly in Africa and Nigeria, where you can have millions and thousands of places of worship all in the same religion, in the same town, but yet the major question about these worshipers is faith.

Some religious believers across religions are corrupted in nature, murderers, deceivers, liars, and all sorts of wrongdoing, yet they go back to places of worship and preach. So this is never a surprise as the majority of people are either deceived or let themselves be deceived about religion. Therefore, following religious leaders, political leaders and other leaders blindly have been contributing negative effects on our society for a long time.

That is why the story of the arrest of an Imam of Batsari town was unbelievable. It is not the beginning of society’s decay and collapse if religious clerics should join men of the underworld to inflict pain and commit heinous crimes against humanity? The sad story of an Imam in Batsari, Katsina State, who was arrested for serving as an informant to bandits has become a surprise to many Nigerians. The story is so unbelievable that people had to contact residents of Batsari Town in Katsina State to know the authenticity of the story’s integrity to verify the story which turned out to be true.

The imam will lead people in the Mosque, and then he calls bandits shortly after to give them details of addresses of the individuals to be kidnapped. The whole story sounds surreal, but it’s real. A hypocrite embroidered in the garb of religion is worse than the devil himself. Here is a religious leader that lives a double life, leading prayers and providing information to criminals afterward to harm his community.


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