How Diamond Okechi Made Nollywood His Oyster Of Success

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One of Nigeria’s top actors, Diamond Okechi, has described Nollywood as the best job God has given him, as he does not see himself doing any other work apart from acting.

There is no equivocation that Okechi has achieved a lot in the Nollywood film industry since making his wonderful entry in 2007 when he featured in ‘Enemy in the House’. Since announcing his name in the entertainment industry, he has grown his brand to the rooftop

Originally from Anambra State, Diamond Okechi, is blessed with so much talent and skill that have combined to raise him to another level of success. He is a good actor and he produces movies.

“I have done a whole lot of movies since I came into Nollywood. I also have good movies coming out soon. I just can’t start putting the whole names down. Nollywood is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so cool here and there’s no better job than this. I love it here,” Okechi told reporters during a question and answer session.

The versatile actor, who has an obsession for flashy cars, has quite a lot of movie credits under his wings having featured in popular roles in Once Upon A Virgin, Sins Of A Virgin, Agumba, The warrior and Ikenna Son Of The Gods, The expendables and Crash Of The Expendables and Game of Throne, Best Man.

Diamond Okechi has an obsession for flashy cars.

Having featured in no fewer than 70 movies, Diamond Okechi can confidently beat his broad chest to say the sky is his starting point as he looks forward to a promising future in the industry that has brought him fame and wealth.

A content creator, Diamond Okechi is also a musician, meaning that he is an all-round entertainer.

He has a very strong brand titled #Arumnasomkpali which has given him global market recognition and bagged him a lot of endorsements from deferent companies.

Okechi, a good cook from a family of six, loves meeting people and making new friends. Family, friends and associates describe him as an easy-going person, and since his journey into Nollywood began, he has maintained a clean slate – no controversy, no negative vibes around him.

Okechi said Nollywood practitioners are the best in the world because despite mounting challenges and obstacles, the actors, producers and directors are still churning out quality films yearly

“Despite the economic challenges in the country, Nollywood actors and producers do not relent, but rather we are finding ways around the adversities and continue to produce edifying movie for our fans,” he said.

“The difference between us and the likes of Hollywood in America and Bollywood in India is that here we have a dearth of infrastructures required for commercial films.

“Making films in advanced countries is easy because they have the requisite infrastructure and other support systems. For instance, they have big studios, some of which own film villages. Their societies also have other needed amenities, and good roads and stable electricity,” he added.

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