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How Do I Tell My Sister That Her Husband Is Pressuring Me For Sex?


I will like to start by saying how much I admire your maturity, passion and hard work. You have built something incredible from nothing and is still going as strong as always, despite losing your mother. You are an inspiration to many and hopefully you can find time to mentor some of our young girls who look up to you.

Please help me share my story on your platform – I am in a difficult situation.

My father died before I was born and my ‘followed’ him when I was just 15-year-old. My elder sister, who happens to be the only sibling I have, became a mother figure in my life.

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Two years ago, she reconnected with her high school love and they got married last year in October. My sister is currently 7 month pregnant and I can’t wait to be an auntie.

While my sister was away from home about two months ago, I was confuse and in shock when my sister’s husband told me he is sexually attracted to me. At first I thought it was a joke but he has forcefully touched my breast twice when my sister was not home.

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I have been dodging him and lock myself in my room every night. I am torn between telling myself or leaving the house. The big problem is, I have no way to go as I am still loving for a job since my graduation from UB in 2015.

Our pastor(Female) asked me not to tell my sister and also advised me to give her husband a stern warning. I have done all this but he wouldn’t stop.

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My sister is beginning to notice my change in behavior but the pastor keeps insisting that telling her will destroy her.

What should I do Mc Ebisco readers? Keep pretending like nothing is wrong or tell my sister?

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