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How Ghanaians Reacted To The Big Monies That Big Men In Ghana Used To Purchase First Copies Of Asamoah Gyan’s ‘LeGyandary’ Book

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How Ghanaians Reacted To The Big Monies That Big Men In Ghana Used To Purchase First Copies Of Asamoah Gyan’s ‘LeGyandary’ Book

Former captain of the Black Stars of Ghana, Asamoah Gyan launched his book dubbed, LeGyandary on April 30.

The launch was hugely attended by some of the big men in the country including the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo.

At the end of the event, the first copies of the book were purchased with huge sums of money and this has garnered some reactions from social media users.

Some reactions from Ghanaians are;

Theophilus Nantaale – If that is all there is, then Mr Gyan has run at a lost. Have we considered the cost of the venue – Kempiski, not to talk of refreshments and in some cases, honorarium??? Too many accountants in Ghana. Gyan is worth more than this. It is a natural principal in life – the rich attracts the rich and vice versa. Don’t be angered by other people’s fortunes but learn to celebrate others. We attract what we celebrate,appreciate and adore. Never condemn someone at a level you are aspiring to be and don’t blame someone for what you couldn’t do for yourself. If I had the opportunity, I will send my seed of 20.00 cedis to support him…

Victor Owusu – Am happy for Asamoah Gyan. He has really served the country well and God keep blessing him. I tap into his blessings as well. May God bless anyone who doesn’t envy Gyan in Jesus name.

Gifty Eny Okotah – Gyan isn’t the first to write abt his life and he wont be the last. Instead of having issues with his hard work and his book, why not work very hard and one day write ur autobiography too and invite big men and women with cash to buy copies. This should be a motivation instead.

Antwi Kwesi Bee – Those of you saying Gyan doesn’t need those monies, where is this coming from?
Go and steal his 100 Ghc and see if he needs 100k or not.
Or isn’t it the same Gyan who led his team to hold Ghana hostage in Brazil?
You guys should learn something important about rich people…
Their thirst for more money is way way higher than poor people !

Mavis Owusu – He has built his way up there,he has serve Ghana and put our name out there for investors to know,if not football,nka how many people knew Ghana,leave the young man alone,after all those who gave money,did it with their own money and not yours.

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