How I almost got killed in an elevator at E-Center, Yaba – Lady narrates

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A Nigerian lady has taken to her social media page to narrate her close shove with death after she almost got killed in an elevator at E-center, Yaba,  Lagos.
The lady who said she is asthmatic was trapped in the elevator at the public mall  and she couldn’t reach out for help as the network in the space went blank immediately.

Read her story below:

I’m asthmatic and claustrophobic.
I was trapped in the lift at E-Center Yaba for more than 20 minutes. I had no network on my phone.I kept on banging the lift and pressing the alarm button and other buttons. Nothing was happening, the lift just kept on vibrating.
The place started getting stuffy by the minute and my chest getting tighter. I was the only one in the lift.Tears began to find its way down my cheeks. I was really scared and was in panic mode already.
At some point, the lift moved a bit downwards and opened up to a wall. A wall was before me.Then it closed up again.
I continued banging and calling for help. As soon as few bars popped on my phone, I made that post on facebook. Then I called my Chaplain who lives close by. The line was breaking but thankfully I was able to get my message across.
She came over immediately and complained to them. I waited for another painful 15 minutes. (She said they were trying to call the person in charge, but he wasn’t picking up)
As soon as the lift opened up, I saw ECenters uniformed men before me. And the next thing I heard was “sorry, why didn’t you call for help ” I was mad. “You think I stayed in there doing nothing because I’m stupid right? ” I wiped my tears.

I was tired, I walked to meet my chaplain.I was still really nervous. My inhaler wasn’t with me. She made me sit and went to get an inhaler. I used the inhaler and got a bit better.
After a while, we proceeded to leave.

As I walked past the securities at the door I heard them talking.
Security right : “Na she dey inside the lift? ”
Security left: “Yesso, na she dey there”
Security right:.”And she just dey there dey cry”

I stepped back immediately. I was mad. “What did you just say? ” I asked. He didn’t respond. “what did you just say? ” I asked two more times. He denied saying anything.
I walked away.

There is no value for the human life in the least. No single form of remorse. How will your lift be stuck for over 20 minutes and you didn’t realize? What if I wasn’t with a cell phone?
If I had spent ten more minutes in that place…. I don’t want to even think

I doubt if I’d be using any lift anytime soon. (it happened on Monday)

What do you think?

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