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How I Caught My Wife In Bed With My Neighbor Without Her Knowledge


Love they say knows no bounds when romantically shared by two lovebirds but the love story of Femi a bus driver who didn’t want to share his experience was rather a trip to hell.

Here is his story…

“I am a high way bus driver who do sleep at home at most three times a month. I have been married to this girl for 3 years now with no kid. I’ve been the one paying the bills for everyone every since but my wife wouldn’t appreciate instead she keep going around sleeping with men outside


I started noticing this change eversince she started complaining about my job when she knows it’s my source of income. I tried to explain things to her but she keep fussing me to quit the job and look for another thing doing. This normally cause problem on phone each time we speak on phone.

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My friends keep telling me that she doesn’t love me cos every woman will like to support her man in whatever he’s doing so I was carried away with what they were saying so i kept on with my job without reasoning my wife again.

This continued until one day when I visited house cos my bus had small issue which I want to take to the mechanic for repair the next morning. The next morning I went to the mechanic and the fault was not what the can finish on time. I waited at the mechanic workshop till 1 o’clock in the afternoon and there was no need going to work again so I decided to go back home to rest. When I got home my door was open so I entered but didn’t see my wife.

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After few hours I started hearing my wife’s voice inside my neighbors room so I had to check through the window, I was shocked when I saw her coming out of my neighbor’s room sweating and when I demanded for an explanation for what I saw, that was when she started blaming me for what happened so I became very angry, gave a resounding slap and made for my tenant room. On getting to his room he had already dressed up and took to his heels after hearing my voice from inside. I was infuriated and couldn’t think straight. I went back to the room and met my wife still crying and immediately informed her that I will be sending her back to her parents.”

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She continued to plead for forgiveness but my heart and mind has already been made up. I went to report the police and the man-hunt has begun…. At the moment I’m considering a divorce and I’m still sure how to go about it…

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