How Jackie B Helped White Money, Queen Settle Their Issue Is Worth Emulating In Polygamous Families -

How Jackie B Helped White Money, Queen Settle Their Issue Is Worth Emulating In Polygamous Families

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Big Brother Naija show seems to be getting more interesting as numerous dramas unfold by the day. The recent one was the conflict between White Money and Queen, which happened as a result of Jackie B’s closeness to White Money.

Queen stated that she does not want to share White Money’s attention with any other lady in the house, but White Money wanted to become close friends with Jackie B and that did not sit well with Queen. It also prompted Queen to stop talking to White Money even when he tried to speak to her. However, the way Jackie B handled the situation is worth emulating by some polygamous family members.

Jackie B noticed that the ongoing drama was affecting White Money’s mental health and decided to call Queen for a conversation. She narrated her side of the story and also pointed out that she saw White Money sitting alone thinking. On this note, Jackie pleaded with Queen to consider White Money in the whole thing and let peace reign, because he is not so strong to accommodate the drama. This prompted Queen to apologise and resolve her issue with White Money.

How Jackie B helped White Money, Queen settle their issue is worth emulating in polygamous families

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Firstly, let us picture this from a different perspective of life. Let us assume that White Money is a man who got married to two wives, Jackie B and Queen. And, Queen was the first wife who got angry when the second wife, Jackie, started getting more attention from their man. These are the lessons Jackie B has passed:

1) Peace:

Jackie B has shown that there is no greater joy than for people to live in peace and harmony. She moved to end the dispute between White Money and Queen just to make sure that they all live in peace. She derived no joy in drama and that is a sign of maturity.


Some polygamous families lack peace as a result of a dispute between co-wives. When a family is in shambles, it mentally affects the man who is the head of the family. I think this is one message Jackie B has passed which is worth emulating.

2) Selflessness:

Jackie B was in a more favourable position to have White Money when Queen distanced herself but she did not. She refused to take advantage of the situation. Instead, she put the feelings and mental health of the other parties involved into consideration; and that is worth emulating. She acknowledged that she was the cause of their dispute and sorted out ways to fix what was broken.

In some polygamous families, co-wives fight and do all manner of things to downplay each other or to emerge as favourites, to win more favour and love from their husband. Jackie B has taught us how important it is for one to be selfless regardless of what is at stake. She was ready to give up her closeness to White Money just to let peace reign. Selflessness helps to sustain unity amongst people.


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