“How Many Northern Governors Backed You For The Presidency?” – Otitoju Asks Gov. Umahi

“How many Northern Governors backed you for the presidency?” – Otitoju asks Gov. Umahi

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“How many Northern Governors backed you for the presidency?” – Otitoju asks Gov. Umahi

Popular journalist, Babajide Otitoju, has raised vital questions regarding the statements made by Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state after his loss in the APC presidential primary election. In his interview on TVC News, Babajide said the governor might have lost the election even if all the delegates from the South had voted for him.

Reacting to the governor’s comments, Babajide said, “You can abuse the delegates, but the votes from the southern delegates alone could not make him win the presidential primary election.” How many governors from other parts of Nigeria supported his presidential aspiration? Bola Tinubu already had the support of 14 governors before the election. How will you defeat him? Even if all the aspirants joined forces, they would not be able to defeat Bola Tinubu. I said even before the election.

He continued, “I knew the strength of each aspirant concerning their work with the delegates.” Umahi is abusing everyone. What does it amount to if you do not recognize George Obiozor and others recognize him? I can feel his frustration, but Umahi did not play the politics right. Let Umahi point to the northern governors whom he managed to convince to back him for the presidency.
The South-East cannot produce Nigeria’s president without forming alliances beyond their region. He is not addressing what needs to be done. As an historian, I recall that the NPN and the NPP had some form of alliance that enabled Umeze to become the speaker of the House of Representatives. When was the last time that politicians from the South-East tried to form that kind of alliance? Even Ojukwu was rejected by his own people in 2003.

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