How My Husband raped me while i was sleeping in the Night after we quarreled

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Nigeria woman Narrates how she had a quarrel with her husband refused to reconcile with her and how he raped her while she was asleep, she disclosed this to Joro, the Relationship Doctor, asking if it was really a rape.


“I had a quarrel when my husband came back from work yesterday, i was angry and didn’t want to talk to him.

“while he was eating, i was with my phone and i know he hate to see me concentrate on my phone but i did it to hurt him.

“so i noticed his reation has changed after he finished his food, i was happy because i have achieved what i wanted, since i wanted him to feel pain i felt for offending me.

“I later decided to forgive him and break silence after some hours, so i witched off my phone and told him good night. I went to the room waiting for him sothat we can reconcile. He came in after some minutes and went straight to the bed, so moved closer, then he stood up and went to sleep on the couch, i followed him there, lie on his back and started apologizing but he never said a word, i told him all the sweet words in my head then, he was quiet.

“So i started massaging his body, and gradually removed his PJ, he just did as if i was doing nothing. i brought out oil and started massaging him, i wanted him to turn and comply, so i massaged his erected dick and i decided to sit on it, then he said i should go to sleep that he is not interested. I continued my thing, I was pounding on it then he started talking all the rubbish in his head, telling me how he has the right to do what he did, since he did it for us and got me angry again.

“why is he trying to defend himself again after what i think it’s wrong instead of keeping quiet and enjoy the moment. So I just stop the sex. went to the bathroom , wash myself and went straight to bed to sleep. He also stood up to go and wash himself, came back, put on his cloths and continue talking.

“so the quarrel continued and later he decided to calm down, asked to come and massage his back so that he can sleep, i refused at the beginning since he never wanted it at first, but i later did it for like 3 minutes and told him i am tired and went to sleep, he said ok, go to sleep.

After i slept off, I don’t know if he had slept too or was still awake, i just felt his hand drag up my short sleeping gown, i slept without pant on, i felt his was rubbing my hips as was sleeping and was just turning, trying to change position, he moved closer and i thought he wanted to cover my body, i held his hand and continued sleeping.

“After few minutes, i just daw him turning me over and he dragged my legs, open them and just started pushing his dick inside, before my eyes clear, he was already pounding and after, he cum, he just went to the bathroom to wash his body, came back to the bed and started snoring as if he did nothing .

“This Morning, no apology, nothing, left for work as if he did nothing. So i want to know if it’s rape so that i can fight him when he return from work.

What do you think?

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