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How my Pastor made me Abort my Baby before my wedding because of my Husband

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A Nigerian Lady Narrates How Her Husband’s Pastor made her abort her baby before her wedding.


When I finish my secondary School, I met my husband and we started dating. Two years in the relationship when I was learning hair dressing, he proposed to me.

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In the preparation of the wedding, I got pregnant which makes us to fasten the preparation. After preparing for everything, we met my husband pastor and told my husband that if at all that am pregnant, that he won’t wed us that it is an abomination to have sex before marriage. And my husband won’t be ordained as a pastor because he is still in pastoring school.

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It caused a big misunderstanding between us then but after much pressure, we agree to abort the baby. And we did our wedding. Six months after our wedding, I took in again, we went to the scan to confirm it, the doctor told us that he saw three developing fetuses. We we’re happy.

Few weeks later, I had misunderstanding with my husband and he pushed me down from staircase and I rolled down to the door, I lost that pregnancy, June will mark it 8 good years I got married without a child.

My problem now is that my husband has been cheating on me to the extent of pregnanting a girl, took her to my mother inlaw to live with her, secretly did something on her head.

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As am talking to you you now, my husband travels to the village to perform the traditional marriage this coming Saturday, the family of the girl demanded that if truly my husband have a first wife which is me, that I must come with them to show that I am fully in support of this marriage and that I won’t maltreat her. That is the text I got from my sister in-law.

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My husband and my mother inlaw have been calling me to come home today or tomorrow. I asked them what the problem is but they kept on telling me that my mother inlaw want to discuss something with me.

I don’t no what to do now. He made me abort my baby in the name of church, made me loose my pregnancy, cheated and kept it to the extent that they want to marry another one with a big celebration that.
I don’t no whether to end their lives or just die because am useless in this world.

Please Advice me!

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