How To Be A Millionaire By Doing Rice Farming


Rice farming is a very good business that has a high cash profits. You could earn money from rice farming no matter your status, whether you are a graduate or not. You could work in a different sector and still participate in rice farming.

The benefits of rice farming is that you will become a millionaire after several days of hardwork; you will require patience, energy and lot of dedication. The reason of its benefits is because rice is a universal food product eaten almost everywhere around the world. So if you are able to target the right customers in your sphere you will do very well.

Lets dive in deeper to know more about rice farming.

There Are Several Types Of Rice Around The World

There are about seventy- thousand varieties of rice known and projected at the International Rice Germplasm Center after their thorough research. The various groups of rice are into categories namely: the African rice, Asian rice and many more.

The botanical name for the African rice is Oryza Glaberimma Steud whilst the botanical name for the Asian rice is Oryza Sativa.

Botanical names for other rice types includes Oryza Novara et Shastry, Oryza Longistimata A. Cher Roehr and many more.

The Asian rice is classified into three types namely: japonica, tropica japonica and indica.

You Have To Choose The Right Sitting For Your Rice Farming Business

In Ghana, there are several places where you can do rice farming. You can do rice farming in some parts of volta region, central region and many more. In some parts of Nigeria, rice can be farmed in two areas known as the upland areas and the lowland areas. The upland areas are places known to have rainfall of over seven- hundred millimetres and good soil fertility.

How To Plant Rice Seeds In Your Rice Farms

You have to plant your seed at a depth of two centimetres to four centimetres. Note that when you plant seed more than five centimetres, it may affect the growth of younger seedlings. There are several ways of planting or sowing seeds. We have the broadcasting method, the dibbing and drilling method. The above mentioned are the basic ways of sowing rice seeds in farm land.

You have to check the soil dormancy, soil fertility and your seed viability.

Soil dormancy is the inadequate ability of matured seeds to grow under its favourable conditions.

Make sure to add accurate fertilizer needed for the plants growth especially with nitrogen because rice plants need good amounts of nitrogen to grow but excessive application of the nitrogen fertilizer is not recommended.

The Best Time To Sow Rice Seeds In A Farm Land

The best time to sow rice seeds is when there is an adequate rainfall which makes the soil very moist. You must also study the growth monthly charts in your country. Every country and its form of agricultural growth. Whether you are in Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria or which ever country you are based in as a rice farmer or as aspiring rice farmer, you must know the agrocoeology. In some countries, the best time to sow or plant rice seeds is May to June period which is popularly known as the savannah agrocoeology. The other renowned rice planting period is forest agrocoeology which is happens to be April to May date range.

Exposition On The Sowing Methods

It was stated above that the sowing methods you can use in rice farming is broadcasting, dibbing and drilling methods respectively based on your discretion.

Broadcasting is the method of spreading seeds on soil surface without any specific pattern in the farm land.

Dibbing the method of opening up a spot in the soil and sowing about eight seeds of about three centimetres depth in the soil.

Drilling is the method of making a small holes in the soil, two to three centimetres deep and sowing seeds sparesly in the holes.

How To Harvest And Store Rice Crop After Fully Developed

As a farmer you have to know when and how your crop grows or fully grow for harvest.

Rice is always ready for harvest when the grain turn yellow or brownish in colour and becomes hard. After harvesting your rice crops, what you need to do remove the husk from the rice grains and store them in polybags. The process of removing the husk from the grain is called milling.

Keep Your Rice Crops From Pest Diseases

There are several diseases that can affect rice crops in a farm lands. For instance, rice blast is a fungus that produces spot on leaves. You can control this by avoiding excessive nitrogen fertilizer. Rice yellow mottle is also another infective disease on rice crops on farmlands. You can identify rice yellow mottle disease by the way rice seedlings are unable to develop very well at their early stage.

Know Your Preference Adaptations

As time goes on, you might face certain challenges with regards to your farm lands. All these challenges will be dependent on your country, location of your farm land, natural disasters such as drought or earthquakes, climate change. As a rice farmer, you need to have the foresight about your rice farm business if you don’ t want to get stucked on the line.

For instance, about some few 10 hours ago, the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) launched a new research deductions about how to sustain their uncertain climate change. They made a report that productivity and income of farmers increased when they adopted a pond- based integrated farming system.

Your government plays a role in agriculture in your country. So whatever the problem is or whatever the adaptations you are to make with respect to the farm lands, you shall also hear from the ministry of agriculture in your country to amend or make certain changes especially if you are a large scale rice farmer.

How To Earn Over 100k By Doing Rice Farming

You have to know you product target; where you will like to earn more sales from. May be you are in Ghana and you want to earn money from a country abroad. You also have to know your competitors. There are many farmers in various parts of your country that you will be competing with. So you have to know how to brand your crop product well or give it a good brand name which can ring in the mind of potential customers when you set your advertisement launch on the media.

The average price for a bag of rice per medium sized kilograms in Ghana is two hundred cedis. So if you are able to make sales of about even at least five hundred bags monthly, you will earn over GHC 100, 000. 00 monthly per the standard rate price of medium sized to large- sized bag of rice. The above calculations and estimations counts for sales for only 500 bags monthly. So if you are able to make even sales of 10, 000 bags, then you should know you would become a millionaire with rice farming.

Don’ t be jobless or idle. Think and plan very wisely and you shall become a success.

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Look at the second screenshot above. This should tell you that most customers have difficulties with prices shooting up and the prices shooting has got no blame on anyone. As a farmer, you have to get listening ear to be able to adjust to the current situations around your sphere so as to be able to keep the market sphere in order to avoid loses.

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