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How to call back a private number

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Getting calls from a private or unknown number can be a nuisance. It is really irking. Are you aware that it is possible to call back the number? Well, you can easily know the person who has been bothering you with such calls.

You will be required to follow these steps;

The first very step is, pick your phone and immediately call the number. Ensure that no one calls you. You will be required to dial 69. Through this number, you will be able to trace the number.

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If the code (69) fails to work, then you will try another code. You may resort to using 71 and 67.

In some cases and depending on the company, the codes may fail to work. You are therefore advised to call the manufacturing company and get the code from them as soon as possible. They will give you the code and dial it.

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Stop private numbers from reaching out to you. You can decide to completely block them.

A number of these companies offer a variety of services ranging from call block, call rejection, call trap and call screening. You will decide on whether to reject, block or trap the number.

You can opt to hang up calls from a private number. You have the options on your phone to do so.

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