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How To Get Free 4GB Data On Airtel

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Airtel Nigeria is given away free 4GB to customers who buy an Airtel 4G sim. Customers will not only get free 4GB of data but will also enjoy 25% bonus on every data plan purchased that is above N500. According to Airtel, customers will enjoy this offers within the first 3 months of activating their 4G sim.

So What Is 4G LTE And Why Should I Get A 4G Sim 4G stands for fourth generation. while the LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. Those who are old enough will remember that the first phones came with 1G and brought voice call along with it. Then 2G came along and brought text messages. 3G offers better speed than 2G and brought video streaming with it. In other words, each generation of communication brings about new technology.

The 4G is a successor of 3G( third generation) and provides faster speed when compared with 3G. This means speed of up to 12 – 15 mbps.

The Airtel 4G sim is an Airtel sim card that provides 4G connection. To use the 4G network, you will need a 4G enabled phone.

How To Check If Your Smartphone Is 4G Compatible Without a 4G compatible smartphone, you won’t be able to use 4G network even if you have a 4G sim card. In other to use the 4G network your device needs to be 4G compatible.

To check if your smartphone is 4G compatible, go to Settings > More > Mobile Network > Preferred Network Type. If you see LTE among the option, it means your smartphone is 4G compatible.

Smartphone manufacturers also include Network on smartphone specification. So you can also check your device specification under network if it is 4G compatible.

How To Get The Free 4GB On Airtel 4G Sim Like I said earlier, all you need to do is buy an Airtel 4G sim card and insert it into a 4G enabled smartphone. Once you do this, you will get free 4GB on your Airtel sim along with other bonuses.

Note that the Airtel free 4GB can only be used on the 4G network. That is why you need to get a 4G smartphone before activating this offer.

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