My Huge Snake Brings All The Boys I Want In My Yard, You Could Be Next

Cindy is my name, and I am a successful 30-year-old woman.

A lot of people have asked me why I use wotchcraft to get whatever I want. I grew up poor and I was not an academic person at school. Every morning, I was literally dragged out of bed by my father who used to force me to go to school. I hated it. I hated school.

I never matriculated and I do not have any skills that will help me open up a business. I am what most call a ‘domkop’ yet I love the finer things in life.

It is when I met my then boyfriend who is a foreigner that my life changed. He told me that I am not pretty enough to be a model or even good enough to be on TV although I believe I make a good comedian. Instead, he adviced me to go to a witch to have short boys so they could bring me money.

At first I hesitated. What would be my sacrifice to the short boys? I mean, I was adopted and both my adoptive parents are no longer alive. I knew that once the short boys want blood, they would want my own blood, and that I could not let. Although my life was miserable, I still valued to be alive.

He then told me that if it were not the short boys I wanted, I could get a snake which will bring me money. I could not believe it. I have a phobia for reptiles. What if it ends up wrapping me up? “No, I can’t,” I tried to convince myself.

Sizzler laughed at me so hard and told me that snakes do not always want human blood. I could just be specific about what I want, and the snake would be specific about what it wants, and then we come to some sort of an agreement.

Looking at Sizzler, he wore the latest fashion. He drove the most beautiful cars and always had money to splash. I envied that. I asked him to take me to a witch that would help me, and he agreed.

The process was very simple. The witch explained that all I had to do to please my snake was to be home by midnight, every night so it could have some fun with me. In return, men will want me and I will be wealthy. Easy.

I agreed. Sizzler paid the witch, and I was out. The snake was to live in my spare bedroom and I had strict instructions never to lock the door before midnight. Only during the day, had to have 10 rats a day to feed the snake. The longer and bigger it gets, the more successful I become.

Well I did not reallt care about how rich I’d become. The only thing I wanted were boys pf all races. I wanted a variety of colour and taste. I wanted the power to play a man and once I get what I want from him, order him to leave. Like what my biological father did to my mom and she ended up giving me up for adoption.

Since then, I change men however I want and everytime I am out with friends, I make sure that I am home before midnight, lie down flat in our private space and ready to serve it. My snake is jealous, sometimes, wjen I am under the sheets with whoever, I can hear its hisses and I know that time is up. The man has got to leave. No time for seconds.

Every morning, I find stashes on money on my floor. The only thing is, nobody is allowed to sleepover in my house. I never get drunk to the extent that I forget there are people in my house and forget to chase them away. If I do, my snake will have them for dinner. It can be so jealous when it wants.

The End.


This is a work of fiction. All the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this story are the product of the author’s imagination and used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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