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My Husband Has Been Addicted To Stripper For So Long

Guys want women and hope that they don’t change however, women usually hope that men change overtime. From time to time they try to help them change their behaviours and mould them into better men.

My husband and I started dating wayback in campus during our freshmen year. His campus days was filled with too much partying, having drinks with his friends. He used to love going to the strip club which I found so odd I tried to make him stop but my efforts were in vain.

We both moved in together after we had our first baby. At that given point, he for once stopped because we had just had the baby. He became available during those first few months after we had our baby however six months later, he started going back to his old habits.

He started going back to the strip club with his friends. He made up a habit of leaving at around 9:00pm and would come back at 4:00am the next morning. One of the most annoying thing was that the moment he was back at home his phone kept blowing up with all kinds of women that he termed to be his friends.

This became unbearable, and so I decided to confront him by asking why he loved going to strip clubs and he said, ” I can’t be home all the time after work,its boring you knew from the beginning what you were getting yourself into,you knew all along I loved ratchet so just let me be”. He then stood up and walked out slammimg the door.

I knew I had to stop this behaviour because our child needed a good role model growing up. I then decided to seek help from Doctor Mugwenu after I saw all his good work on the internet. I called his phone to set up an appointment.

The following morning,I went to see him at his workshop and specifically told him that I wanted my husband to stop going to the strip club. Doctor Mugwenu then took out a piece of cloth layed it on the floor and told me to sit on it. He then chanted some words and did some rituals. After that, I went back home.

Two days later, I was so surprised to see him spending time at home. One of his friends tried to get him to go clubbing saying, “Bro leo tunafanyaje,form ni gani?” he in turn replied, “Bro mimi sidai hizo maform tena I need to take care of my family”. He then ended the call.

I was so happy after hearing that conversation. He has ever since been a family man,gets back from work and get straight home to spend time with us.

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