My Husband Always Leave Our Bedroom Every 12am Midnight, I Followed Him and This Is What I Saw - Mc Ebisco My Husband Always Leave Our Bedroom Every 12am Midnight, I Followed Him and This Is What I Saw - Mc Ebisco
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My Husband Always Leave Our Bedroom Every 12am Midnight, I Followed Him and This Is What I Saw

Marriage is a blessing and we make marriage a blessing. God gives us the gift and we accept and care for the gift. I care for the gift by honoring my marriage and my spouse. I choose to be a blessing in my marriage. God looks favorably on marriages that reflect Him and His love. We can all grow and learn how to embrace the blessing of marriage.

When the incorrect partner is married, marriage may be a blessing, which is why many women are dissatisfied with their relationships.

My spouse always leaves our room at night, but he didn’t realise that as he leaves the room, I am acutely aware of his absence from the room. I decided to follow him one day, and what I discovered shook me to my core.

My name is Ifeoma, and I’m from Nigeria. I’m 30 years old and a recent college graduate. I’m married to a wealthy and well-known businessman; I’ve been married to my husband for ten years without having a child; however, it doesn’t appear to bother my husband; it appears that I’m the only one who desired a child the most; however, I continue to pray for the fruit of the womb to be brought to Heaven.

It all started one day when I discovered that my husband always leaves the bedroom about 12 o’clock in the middle of the night and returns 10 minutes later, unbeknownst to him. Because I am constantly awake, I was able to see everything that was happening. For a while, I didn’t take it seriously since I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but as time went on, I began to have second thoughts about the situation.

The idea of tracking him to find out what he was up to came from a friend, but I told her that I was too afraid to follow my husband, so she came up with the idea of installing a surveillance camera in the room, which I did.

My husband left the bedroom that night, as he always did. I sprang out of bed and examined the camera to see if I had captured anything, but I didn’t see anything that I was searching for. I really wanted to go and check it out on my own. On the way to the living room, I was taken aback by what I saw.

When I saw my spouse, he was clothed in black attire, and there were numerous candle colours matched to various clothing colours around him. He didn’t see me, but I was too afraid to go away, so I called the police to report what he was doing. After that, I walked back to my room and lay down with my eyes closed for a while.

When he went for work the next day, I pretended everything was back to normal. I hurriedly grabbed my belongings and dashed out of the premises. I went to my father’s house and told them everything that had happened, as well as showing them the video.


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