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My Husband Asked Me For A Divorce After I Found Out He Was Dating My Cousin Through His Text Messages With Her

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My husband and I were married for 6 years before the unbilievable happened. Even though our
relationship was in a rocky situation the moment we started living together, the two of us still
managed to live happily. Our house had not known peace due to the constant arguments we kept
on having.

One day I went through his phone whike he was in the bathroom and found out that he had been
having an affair with my cousin, Miley. I wasn't so close with her since our childhood. When I
saw the text messages, I kept on wondering how the two had met because I never at any point
introduced them to each other.

So I waited for the moment he came out of the bathroom and asked him about everything I had
read in his phone. At first he was so angry that I had accessed his phone without his permision, he
then said that he was so tired of our constant arguments and wanted a divorce.

He then left with his laptop bag carrying a few clothes in it. It seemed like he was not planing on
coming back and wasn't joking about the divorce thing. I however did not file for the divorce at
first because I wasn't ready to let him go.

For the second time I tried to approach him to try and re think about the divorce and this time he
told me he was ready to move in with my cousin. He even compared the both of us saying how
humble she was calling her the perfect wife material.

I became so devasted by what he said to me and since I did not want to overeact, I decidex to end
our conversation by ending the call. I wasn't ready to just let six years of marriage be thrown out in the mud. I decided to ssve it before it ended up hurting me.

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Doctor Mugwenu asked for my husband's photos of the past when the two of us were happy and his current photos. It usually takes two to be happy. He told me he would help me save my
marriage. He then did a few rituals on both of the pictures and gave them back to me.

Just like my friends had previously praisec Doctor Mugwenu's spell casting, when I got home that day I found my husband in the house. He then walked towards me and said, " I just realized how much I love you, I can't just walk out on our marriage and leave its not fair, I decided to dump your cousin my love story is with you". We started over and are now living happily.

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