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My Husband Hasn’t Touched Me For Almost Two Years

Monica was married to Kennedy for 3 years. The first year in their marriage they were so intimate
however, the next two years become so tough for the both of them. I would say both couples were
working late, because they never reported to work on weekends.

The fire in their marriage was fading slowly. The interest went to their children instead of
directing the energy to each other. Monica however kept wondering how the husband had been
voping up because no man would go two years without even touching his own wife.

The two had been living like bros for quite a while. Monica tried severally to get the husband into
having sex with her but each time he showed a lot of disinterest to her. She was turned down and
any time she tried to talk to him about him not sleeping with her she ignored those conversations
each time.

One day Monica was having drinks with a few of her female friends. We all know where two or
more females are gathered there must be sex conversations or a few ladies either praise or shun
their men. Every woman seemed to be having time to engage in sex, a few of them even
mentioned that they sent their children to their parents house just to have the whole house to

Monica kept wondering what she had been dping wrong, she then confessed saying to her
colleagues,  My husband and I haven’t had sex for two years. Any time I try to get him into
sleeping with me he keeps on complaining that he is tired he can’t have sex with me ."

Everybody was surprised in fact one of the colleague replied, How can you guys sleep in the
same bed and not doing anything, maby bwanako anakulana nje or rather you just do not excite
him anymore,my husband and I smash all time if we do not smash for two days he feels like
something is missing.

That statement really hit Monica it even drove her to find a solution as soon as possible before she
looses him. One of the colleague advised her to seek help from Doctor Mugwenu who would help
her solve the problem. She even agreed to accompany her to his workshop.

They both went to see him the next morning, Doctor Mugwenu then gave her a herb that she was
to take the thread of her husband’ underwear and her own and tie them each together.

After tieing, she was required to place the two tied threads under their bed. Monic went back home and did as she was instructed by Doctor Mugwenu. That evening, as the two laid to rest, the husband suddenly asked Monica to have sex with him for the first time ever after two years. Monica was so happy she immediately agreed and the two enjoyed each other.

They have ever since brought back the sex culture. Doctor Mugwenu helped the two to resascitate
their marriage and helped them kept that fire in their marriage.

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