My Husband And I Married As Virgins And This Thing Happened On Wedding Night

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Thanks for creating this platform. You are doing a good job. Please hide my identity as you make my post public.

I am an attractive, beautiful lady with a nice body. Every guy always wanted to date me and have sex with me. But I never wanted it to be about my body, so I decided I wasn’t going to have sex with anyone till marriage. Many of my relationships ended because I wasn’t going to have sex, so I let them go. I met this good-looking guy, he was okay with it. He later opened up to me that he was a virgin. I found that strange as I had never heard of a virgin guy. I told my best friend about him being a virgin and how I found it strange, she was like if I leave him because he is a virgin, it is the same as the other guys that I couldn’t be with because I am a virgin and not having sex as well. So, it won’t seem like I am not practising what I preach. I overlooked it and continued with him.

While we didn’t have sex during our relationship, we made out regularly and I noticed his erection. We later got married two years after. We made a very beautiful couple, our wedding was so colourful and admired by everyone. But on the other hand, our wedding night was terrible as we were both inexperienced sexually. My husband didn’t even know where to put it. He couldn’t insert it properly and kept hitting the wrong spot. He was even losing an erection in the process. I felt like crying because I need the lovemaking to make the night perfect. To my greatest shock, he came before entering. I didn’t believe my eyes. I was in distress and severe pains. I did everything to arouse him but I failed.

We ended up sleeping off that night without doing it. I thought he was going to try again but he did nothing. This wasn’t the kind of wedding night bliss that I saw in the movies or read about in books.

Since then, the problem has continued. He has a very low sex drive. This has continued for a year now. I am tired and frustrated. I need a man that will shift my womb in bed. I don’t mind being bed-ridden.

He can’t still penetrate me till date. I believe he has erectile dysfunction. He has also refused to seek medical attention. My friends and family have been asking me about getting pregnant. How will I get pregnant when my man can’t do the work. I am technically a virgin even after marriage. I have been having sleepless nights because of this. I have been using toys as well as my fingers on myself but I am not enjoying it at all. I need the real thing.

I am thinking of packaging out of the house to go and start a new life elsewhere since my husband isn’t man enough. It is really hard for me to leave him because I love him so much and he is a good man.

But I want sex and I want to get pregnant. What do you advise me to do?


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