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My Husband Sent Me Out Of The House Because I Tattooed My Godfather Tinubu On My Back – Lady Cries

We all remember the young lady who captured the attention of social media some weeks ago when she tattooed the former Lagos State Governor Bola Tinubu on her back, don’t we?

The tattoo had attracted mixed reactions from members of the public, as many questioned how she could go that far to express her love to the Bola Tinubu.

In the video which she shared then on her Twitter handle showing when the tattoo was being done on her body, she said that is the expression of a daughter’s love for her daddy Bola Tinubu.

Screenshot from the video:

But what the young lady probably did not bargain for was that the action was going to lead to the breakup of her marriage.

In a video which she shared on Twitter today, the young lady cried out for people to come to her help, saying that her husband has chased her out of the house because of the tattoo of Tinubu on her body.

Photo of the young lady (photo obtained from her Twitter handle):

In the video, she was seen narrating to some people what happened in her home, telling them that her husband has chased her out of the house that is why she is now staying in that neighbourhood. Some of the people there were curious to see the tattoo, then she opened her shirt for them to see, and they expressed shock when they saw the tattoo.

Two days ago, the young lady had also lamented the same thing, saying that she has nowhere to go because her husband had chased her out of the house because of the tattoo, and begged the public to come and help her.

She said that her family also insulted her for the tattoo. She said that she feels sad and hurt because she was only trying to express how much she loves her godfather.

While reacting to her plight, some people said that means she did not even inform her husband that she wanted to tattoo Tinubu on her body, because as a married woman, she was supposed to take permission from her husband before taking such action. And some said that they would have done the same thing her husband did if their wife did such a thing.

Watch the video here:

What do you think about this – would you chase your wife out of the house if she tattooed someone else on her body? As you tell us your mind, please share the article so that others can also contribute.


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